Saturday, 28 July 2007

Winning, but not from tournaments.

Well, as title suggests, my last two visits have been profitable but not in the tournaments, wednesday I played and was going ok without having a rebuy, the few hands back after the break, I have 4575, blinds at 50/100, and when I have odd number of chips, for some reason, I always bet them (something mentally I dont like about it) so I make it 275 to play with Kd7d, button, SB and BB calls, flop comes Qd 7c 4d, checked to me, I bet 900, button goes all in for 3500, I call and he has AQ and no help for me. Then I chuck my last 700 in and called by AJ and Ace high wins lol. So, a stupid way to go out, but we had a good chance of getting to 9k and chip leader, so may not of been all that stupid if I hit. Ended up playing dealers choice cash game, cant really remember any hands apart from a hold'em hand (which JPJ wants me to mention, as he thinks I got lucky) There a usual raise to £3, JPJ and I call from the blinds (I have J2), flop comes J 5 2 all hearts, both check, raiser bets £10, both call, turn 2, JPJ checks, I bet £15, raiser calls, J folds, river 8h, I check, he bets £20, I raise £50 more but he passed showing KJ (no heart) Then Jason showed J5 and for some reason thinks I was lucky as if I was gonna whack the lot in if a complete brick falls on the turn (I sure wasnt trapping on the flop) =). In fact, I think he passes anyway if brick comes and theres action :). Anyway, ended up winning nearly £300 in the cash and got £140 from winner of tournament (20% share).

Thursday, ended up sleeping most of the day, but did get out and play pool for couple hours, before getting home and falling asleep during a MTT online.

Yesterday, Played a £50 with one rebuy or add-on allowed, within first hour I flopped 2 pair twice, first time lost to a turned 2 pair, and second time lost to a turned straight, that left me with 1200 which wene in on a J 10 9 2 board and some donkey had 22 =). So have my top-up and get moved tables, and struggling but when blinds go to 100/200, I pick up a few pots and then make it 600 to play with 4h 5h, both blinds calls, flop comes Ah 3h As, SB bets 1000, BB calls, I shove another 2400, SB passes (66) BB calls with Kh2h, oops :(. Turns a blank and river 5s :). I then win another hand with JJ against 99 and that puts me on about 10k which I stay at all the way to the final when I double with AK against KJ, flop come QJ2, but hit a 10 on the turn. Then another stupid play which I make, to go out 8th for £100. I'm in cutoff and everyone folds to me, I'm about to pass my Jd6d but theres an arguement between the blinds so I feel I can pick it up, make it 4600 (blinds 800/1600), button calls lol, flop comes 8d9c5d, I check he bets 6000, I move all in 12000 more and he calls with 7c8c and no help. Again my 20% share gets a 3 way deal so I pick up £100 from him and I ended up playing £5/£10/£20 Kalooki which was up and down all the way and then we were back even after 5 games so doubled the stakes for the last game and I ended up winning £80 there :).

No play tonight, golf match tomorrow night, but hopefully play Monday night the couple days off before week of Poker in Luton.

Good Luck all.

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You never fold two pair, so if the turn bricks i get the lot......from both of you...cos Walshy aint folding top pair :) :) :)

Who was that donkey with 22, was he the one who stacked off against that donut with second pair?