Thursday, 5 July 2007


Hello all, right so I have been playing poker for a couple years now and have done ok, but after seeing alot of people writing blogs, I've decided it may be time to try myself as it might be the motivation needed to get back to winning ways. I will show running monthly profit/losses but will only include live tournament results. I obviously play cash games and a little online and will post exciting hands or good or bad sessions but not include on the finance totals on here. The reason I am starting is also due to the poker world growing, but so many players play online only, and 'live' poker is so much more real and should be played and enjoyed by all.
Good luck to all in July and hopefully we can have a profitable one. I am not expecting to show every month as a winning one as obviously tournaments show great varience.
Apologies about the first two tournament entries as played sunday and wednesday and only decided to start blog today.

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