Thursday, 5 July 2007

Wednesday 4th July

Tonight was again a £10 rebuy, but no limt holdem, and I turn up at the casino and feel terrible, headache comes on, so decide to just sit tight and play limited hands and hope to get couple double ups on a very loose table, the first one comes after about 15 mins when its 100 to play and the standard 4 callers, so I stick 450 all in and is called by 3 players, I have KsJs, opponents, A10o, QdJd, and K4o, and flop brings a Jack and i get to around 2000. Again sit tight and played another hand with 6s7s and make flush for a small pot and pick up another pot late on to have 3500 at end of rebuys. (Doesn't sound alot but is an ok stack to have at the break-starting stack is 500 in these rebuy tournaments which I forgot to mention).
So after the break start playing and just staying around that mark when I make a raise 'in the dark' (I play alot of these tournaments without looking as these tournaments are more about position and timing, I obviously pretnd to look as it would be foolish to raise and announce that I haven't looked lol), so I raise to 600, blinds 100/200, and its folded to SB who calls and BB moves all in. Bad timing, anyway I look at J3 and pass, the BB was the rock I talked about in the last post who once again showed he doesnt have a move in him, as he showed AA. So next notable hand I have, blinds go to 300/600 and UTG+1 (loose aggressive player) makes it 1600 to play, I look down at AK and while thinking he announces that he is calling if I raise and that I need one of 2 hands. I believed him and decided that a double up was needed and i would of been happy for him to call and have Queens and take my chances. But he called and showed AK and we chopped the pot. I have 3900 when get moved and down to 12 players, get moved to terrible table with 3 big stacks, but I was planning on moving all in alot pre as I needed to build a stack, but find QQ on the first hand I'm dealt in. This is quite a strange hand and unfortuanately my exit hand, I make it 1800 to play, chip leader on my left calls, anothe rbig stack on the small blinds raises 2000 more and the big blind moves all in for another 8000, I'm not overly keen on my hand now but must call for my remaining 2100, and the other 2 players fold. He shows Jacks and I'm in good shape for the near 14000 pot, but the Jack flops and I'm out.
So this month so far KK lost to KQ and QQ lost to JJ but nevermind, after the tournament I went and played 9 ball pool with a mate for £10 a rack (he is slightly better than me but I have been playing good lately) He takes a 4-1 lead, then I start to play well and clear from the break 3 times and win couple more to go 8-4 in front, then he gets back to 8-7 and I win the last 3 to win £40 before getting kicked out as they were closing.

Good Luck all.

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