Monday, 9 July 2007

Running bad, Playing bad!

Last night, I decided to play the usual £10 pot limit rebuy, not enjoying them as much as I used to but will say more abot my plans in a bit, Ill just bore you with the usual hands of the tournament first. Well, first hand I play, I find Kings on the button and a player raises and it all goes in preflop, he has JJ and flop comes J23 but turn is Q and river a K to double up lol, not that doubling up is important in these touraments when you start with 500, all you really need is to grind up to around 2500 at the break is fine. (I'd be more than happy to turn up to these tournaments at the break and pay £50 for 2500 chips) These chips dont last long and buy a couple of rebuys and end up winning a couple hands late on to have 2700 at the break. A couple of interesting hands came up early tho, not involving me, but 1) player raises, BB calls, flop comes 8h8c6s, BB check calls small bet then pushes when Qh comes on turn, player calls and shows 88 and BB shows 9h10h and I'll let you guess the river :), and the other hand, not to exciting but just to show that things happen live as well as online, couple players are all in pre with 77 and 22, and the board comes A 2 7 6 and again, I'll let you guess the river :).
So anyway, after the break I get moved tables and come in on the button, (there is a new player with all the chips and I'm informed that he bets the pot everytime) I limp with Js9s, SB folds and BB (maniac) raises pot, 500 more, I call, flop comes 24J, he bets 1500, I'm all in for 2100 and he calls with 2s4s, adios amigo. This maniac, went on to win the tournament and was on a sick run of cards, reminded me of Jamie Gold, and talked like him too. Now I have nothing against arrogant people and believe a bit of arrogance is needed to become top of any kind of sporting profession, however, when your a complete fool, who has no idea then how and why are some people so arrogant. He was hitting card and when not hitting cards, hitting flops, just sick and the last two hands which he won the tournament with was his 5 3 against 10 5, and then his K7 against A7 when he hit every king left.
Enough moaning, so after I played bit of cash and didnt go so well, was quite a lively game but didnt hit much and then kept losing, had the straight, river pairs the board (omaha), King Flush into nut flush (hold'em) and so on, but the most annoying thing apart from when I had the best hand, I got rivered, and when I had the worst hand, I got slowrolled. Quite possibly the worst thing what occurs in live poker.
Anyway, to finish off, I mentioned about my plans, well hopefully I'm going to try and cut down the amount I play live (well until they get cash games running 24/7 somewhere near me) as its hard work with travelling and work in between, and for the last 3 years I've probably been averaging 4 hours sleep a night and I think its taking its toll. So from now on, the plan is to play the £20 rebuys and the £50/£100 freezeouts once a week, try and play a bit more online, well just a bit more seriously rather than just playing more. Also try and get abit more physically fit, and eat healthier as the lifestyle over last few years cannot be good for anyone. I'm booked up for the festival in Luton (Beginning of August at the new G Casino) and I'm gonna make sure I'm in good shape and actually want to be playing when I sit down to play.

Good Luck all

P.S, Hells bells (AC/DC tribute band) were fantastic saturday night, well recommended if anyone see's them playing near them.

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You never told me you donut.

Well good luck with the blog mate, it's now one of my 'Favourites' And please don't slag me off on here, even if you have to lie just make me sound good :)

Gl mate