Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sunday 1st July

So first tournament of the month and it is a £10 rebuy pot limit, as I stated in the introduction that I have decided to start the blog today (4 days after) so this is going to be short with just a couple hands I recall. I have a couple of rebuys and have 2200 chips when TD announces 3 hands left, blinds 25/50 UTG player makes it 200, this is called and I look at KK and make it 800 to play, UTG moves all in (has me covered), anyway I call and he had AK and I hold to get to 4675. After the break, I dont pick up much and stay around the 5000 mark until blinds 200/400, when I make a raise to 1200 with AJ, but have to pass to a reraise from the blinds (very tight player with not a move in him) he showed QQ lol.
So pick up the blinds once and then my exit hand when down to 17 players. There is an EP limper and I make it 2100 to play with KK on the button, blinds fold and limper calls, I have 2200 left. Flop comes Q Q 9, not the best but he checks and have to punch in the last 2200. Anyway he calls and shows KQ and its goodnight.
Hands like this are generally the deciding factors as in the smaller rebuy tournaments, as you do not have the chance to fold when the blinds get bigger as the average stack tends to sit around 8 big blinds.

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