Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Finally a decent online result

Sorry about lack of updates but I havent been playing as much 'live' lately, been playing bit more golf and few other things. Played wednesday and sunday and both nights busted early and cash game was horrible, losing to start off and managing to get back even both times which is nice. Sunday before playing 'live though, I lost most of the online account on sunpoker, and ended up withdrawing whatever was left and gave up on sun for this month (as I just cleared a bonus).
So, last night, bored and no money online, I decided to deposit on Pokerstars and play a couple multis. I registered for a $30 HORSE tournament and the 50k guaranteed. Ended up 4th in the HORSE tourney when KKQ was no good for QAQ in stud when he made Aces and Queens, but anyway, 4th for $160. Whilst in this I was going along quite nicely with about 20k when i picked up Kings twice on the bounce to get to 50k, then 10 minutes later found Kings again and Got it all in against Jacks and he made a Jack, This knocked me down to 18k which I managed to double twice to 75k where I stayed for quite a while until down to 3 tables. Cannot remember a hand here but got to 220k and down to 2 tables, average stack was about 350k with blinds at 7500/15000, and was on a bad table as player to my left was sitting out and to his left was Chip leader. Make the Final with 250k which isnt in too bad shape as 2 players had the majority, somehow make it down to 4 handed when i have 390k, others have 600k, 850k and 1.8M, when this hand comes up

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to oops_gulp [Jh Jd]
miw700: folds
AceMistress9 [observer] said, "CRAD PLZ BE A MATE AND SEND ME 21"
cradshark_: folds
player777: raises 120000 to 160000
oops_gulp: raises 222325 to 382325 and is all-in
player777: calls 222325
MrTompa [observer] said, "hiya"
*** FLOP *** [Ah 2s Kc]
*** TURN *** [Ah 2s Kc] [9s]
lee xxx [observer]said,"holdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd"
BUCKFAN2 [observer] said, "TTTT"
*** RIVER *** [Ah 2s Kc 9s] [7h]
player777 said, "nh"
After this I get reraised a few times and back down to 330k when push on button with 64 and get luck against AQ.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to oops_gulp [3d 3h]
cradshark_: folds
player777: folds
oops_gulp: raises 581300 to 621300 and is all-in
miw700: calls 581300
Mogul [observer] said, "I think most ppl dont look push and prey"
*** FLOP *** [Ad 7s 4s]
*** TURN *** [Ad 7s 4s] [Td]
BUCKFAN2 [observer] said, "hold"
*** RIVER *** [Ad 7s 4s Td] [3s]
Bobtheguard2 [observer] said, "oops"

So got lucky there but we all need a bit of luck :). So up to 1.2M and chip leader :), a little from the chat box
netakunda [observer] said, "Daim!"
Bobtheguard2 [observer] said, "nh"
BrandonPL [observer] said, "lol"
netakunda [observer] said, "Nice river."
SingedKitty [observer] said, "lol"
oops_gulp said, "sorry im sick"
lee xxx [observer] said, "he cant loose now"
BUCKFAN2 [observer] said, "thin em out for crad"
real145 [observer] said, "wow a pocket pair winning and hit set? amazing"
player777 said, "nice 1 again"
ukgatsby [observer] said, "the 2 quid thread force is strong =)"
IvicaP [observer] said, "oops you should have called"
Mogul [observer] said, "push and prey /// push and prey"
oops_gulp said, "ive ran bad for 3 years, i run good for 6 minutes :)"
chesters dad [observer] said, "wowsers"

Then player gets knocked out and we're down to 3 when they we talk about 3 way chop, $8k each, but one guy said nothing all game and still didnt change, so nevermind, play on
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to oops_gulp [Kh 9h]
miw700: folds
cradshark_: raises 100000 to 150000
oops_gulp: calls 100000
*** FLOP *** [Th 3h 5s]
cradshark_: checks
oops_gulp: checks *** TURN *** [Th 3h 5s] [6h]
cradshark_: bets 400000oops_gulp: raises 400000 to 800000
cradshark_: raises 221079 to 1021079 and is all-in
oops_gulp: calls 221079
cradshark_ said, "nh"
*** RIVER *** [Th 3h 5s 6h] [6d]

So that was nice and then had a 2:1 chip lead going into heads up, he won the first few pots, then the final hand where I won it was the trusty old Q6 sooted :),
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to oops_gulp [Qh 6h]
miw700: raises 100000 to 150000
oops_gulp: calls 100000
*** FLOP *** [9s Ah 6c]
oops_gulp: checks
miw700: checks
*** TURN *** [9s Ah 6c] [6d]
oops_gulp: checks miw700: bets 50000
oops_gulp: raises 200000 to 250000
miw700: raises 1298321 to 1548321 and is all-in
oops_gulp: calls 1298321
*** RIVER *** [9s Ah 6c 6d] [9c]
So that was that and my biggest cash to date which was nice :).
When we were 4 handed, I was quite happy and really didnt mind where I finished, which is strange, I usually feel as I have to win and wont be happy if I dont, but had a strange feeling and luckily enough, managed to win it. To be honest with the prize breakdown, I wouldn't of minded 3rd or 4th but would probably of been pissed of with 2nd as it was big difference to first.
4th - $3600
3rd - $4600
2nd - $6500
1st - $13000
So feeling quite good and about to play few tournies tonight, hopefully I can keep a steady head and stay away from 25/50 Omaha lol.

Good Luck all.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Couple results.

Just a very quick update as am just about to leave for tournament tonight. Made final on wednesday with a decent stack, but ended up 5th when shoved with AJ and SB had AK. Also played dealers choice cash game wednesday and ended up with small profit after being £400 down at one point losing couple big pots to 2/4 outers on the river, eg, £1/£1, raised to £4 all call (5 handed) flop comes 235 rainbow. I have 5 5 6 7, checked to button who bets £20, SB calls, I call, turn pairs the 2. SB bets £30, I make it £120, button folds, SB calls. River is a ace and he bets £50, I reluctantly calls and he shows AA23.
Friday night was a £50 with 1 re-buy or add-on, I turn up an hour late as was stuck playing online before hand and arrive to some moaning about being late, to which, I realy couldnt care, to be honest, the regulars are generally a good laugh and is always a good atmosphere to play, although they really do suck at poker. So I really dont want to upset anyone to much but on the other hand, why would I go out of my way just to shut them up. After turning up I still have 4700 of 5000 starting stack and double up getting lucky when making a bad read with 22 on a flop of 456. I raised the bettor (and pre raiser) to about 3200 all in and he had Kings, caught a three for the straight :) I then play most pots for the rest of rebuy period and lucky to end up with 6000 and add on to 11000. I win a nice pot to put me in good shape when blinds 400/800, I limp with 6s8s as does the button, SB makes up, BB checks. Flop comes Qs 7c 4h, checked to the button who bets 1600, and I call (why I dont know, as when I usually have a read in mind, like call the flop, raise the turn, I tend to bottle in and check pass turn anyway) turn is the jackpot 5s, I bet 2000, he raises 5000 more, I then all in for another 4500, he calls and his 74 doesnt fill up :).
So make the final with blinds at 800/1600, average stack is 24k and I have 30k, lose most of it then win a few uncontested to get back to about 28k, before losing a big pot, blinds at 2000/4000, still 10 handed, no-one was knocked out in 90 minutes play. Player before me moves all in for 14k, and I have AdKd, to which I move all in, all pass, and he has AJ and rivers the Jack. Blinds then go to 3000/6000 and just to illustrate how stupid the players are. I would not give anything off top prize for 9th and 10th as I never do, also wouldnt agree 10 way chop which was suggested at start. Anyway, as I say blinds go to 3000/6000and I'm UTG with 11000 after losing that above hand and JPJ is on BB with about 14000, and again the 10 way chop is suggested, of course I have to agree now blinds are this big but what the hell are the others thinking with me sat the cant even afford to let my BB go, carry on, bust me out and have a 9 way chop, fools. Anyway, this chop was worth £235, not a good return for £100 but after that hand, it was like finding £235 on the floor :).
Anyway, must go now, have just turned a $400 loss into a $100 win online whilst typing too so all is ok.

Good Luck all.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

No more Limit poker

Well, I'll explain the title in a minute, but first a bit about friday and sunday, I played the tournaments but no good, didnt really want to play them, ans sunday I even stopped before end of rebuy's, which is the first time I think i've ever done it, but did want to watch the USPGA final round. Here's a hand from sundays tournament, I limp utg with 99, button makes it 200 (blinds 25/25),SB (JPJ) calls, I call.
Flop 9c 6h 3c, checked to button who moves all in, both call all in about 900 each.
JPJ - 33, bottom set
Me - 99, top set
Button - 44, um, nothing.
Turn Kc
River Ac, and yep, the 44 had the club to scoop.
Ended up playing cash, friday we played £1/£1 holdem only, and in the first hour, I picked up AA, AK, KK, QQ, and JJ and lost every hand. Raised to £6 with the aces, 4 callers, flop was something dangerous so i just gave up, same with AK, missed the flop. The QQ hand, there was early raise, I just called hoping for a raise behind but no, Ace on flop so that was that. The JJ, I made it £10 to go, got 3 callers, flop was 10 6 3, player before me bets £25, I pass lol, he had 63. The Kings, I managed to get past the flop, make it £7 to go, again load of callers, flop 4s6c7c, I bet £20, a player goes all in (only playing £30), he has 10c4c and turns a club. Anyway, after all this, Im only losing about £100 (lost another few small pots aswell, cant remember what had but probably in good shape when money went in) and we play dealers choice, I end up winning a pot towards the end in omaha with Ac4c on a KcQcJc flop, and it held up and ended winning about £50 on the night.
Sunday, as I said, finished tournament early to watch the golf and wait for the cash game, and we ended up playing 4 handed but was quite a loose game (playing multicard omaha). Again I started badly, on a flop of J53 rainbow, I check raise to £40, (I have A234567Jxx), turn is a 3, (bad card), check,check, I bet £20 in the dark (river) rivers a blank and oppo just calls the £20 and shows JJ. Then next hand I lose is for a pot of £220, when all money goes in on a flop of Qs Jh 7h, I have Ac Kh Qh Qc J 10 9 8 (plus few others) and oppo has Ah A K J 10 9 and others but no heart, just the bare Ace. Turn comes Ace (now both have nuts) River pairs the J so he wins lol.
Next hand I play, theres a raise to £4, then to £15, I bet £70 all in dark pre, gets called by both players and final board reads A 2 4 5 9 and I have 36 to scoop. The next hand after that, its dealt 4 card omaha and I have Ad Ah Qd Qh, I make it £4 more from the SB, all call, flop brings 3d 6d 9d, I bet £15, button raises to £40, I raise, he calls another £120 with Kd 4d 4c 10c. We're all having a laugh at the fact he has put in £160 with king flush, but its really not that bad a call, so anyway I jokingly tell him he can run it twice to try get lucky, the turn on the first run is a 4, but river misses. I end up winning couple other pots to end up winning £200.
So, about the title of this post, well, have been playing a fair bit online lately, and was winning a fair bit playing $3/$6, $5/$10 limit in July. Since start of August, its been killing me, luckily I have been playing all games and winning there, but figures for August:
STT - +$400 (£20/$30 turbos)
$1/$2 PLO - +$600
$1/$2 NLH - +$450
$2/$5 NLH - +$2700
$3/$6 FL - +$350
$10/$20 FL - +$600
$5/$10 FL - -$4600
I knew I wasnt doing great at $5/$10 but its not until I looked at it last night to see how bad it actually was, so for the rest of August, I'm gonna stick to the NLH.

Good Luck all.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Luton festival

So, got back from Luton tuesday so thought I better update before I forget about it and give up the blog lol. Travelled up saturday, for the £100 freezeout, got to the casino about an hour before the tournament starts only to get told I cant get in with trainers, (well, they were hardly trainers what I was wearing, more like light blue coloured shoes) but anyway, had to get out and buy a pair and managed to get back in time. Tournament had 161 players, and on my starting table was Joe Grech, cant really say much happened all tournament, managed to stay till about 60 players left but never got above about 8000 chips and ended up going out when pushed with K10 and BB had AQ.
Sunday night was £150 Pot Limit, and starting table I have John Falconer to my right, got off to a good start won a nice pot with queens qnd had about 8000 at the break, managed to build a bit and suddenly, we were down to about 25 players and I had around 22000, Lose a few in blinds, then double up when button raised to 4800 (blinds 800/1600) called with QJ and flop come Q88, I check raised him all in, he called with A10 and I double to about 32000, end up making the money but go out 10th when make it 10000 UTG with AK, BB raises and I call for 18000 more and cant hit against Queens. 10th was money back lol, 9th was about £500 and the winner got around £6300, not to unhappy but could of been better.
Monday, the last night I was playing was a £200 with 1 rebuy or add-on, and again, on my starting table, Paul Jackson and Micky Wernick, (It seemed funny as there wasnt many recognisable players there but I managed to get drawn on there tables) but to be fair, its not like they play any better than the reasonable tournament player, however, a player I have been impressed with, played briefly on his table in this tournament , also played cash game with him, and was on starting table in Nottingham, was Julian Thew. Definately do not fancy him on my left in every tournament. Although I say there play isnt spectacular, they were all having a laugh and good fun to be on the table, especially Paul and Mickey, where they were more interested in having a game of chinese poker in the hotel when the casino closed. Anyway, he tournament was going well (183 players), 5000 starting stack with 45 minute levels, and was a very good structure. The tournament ended up taking over £66000, with about £22000 to the winner. I managed to get up to about 20000 quite early but then get moved to a very loose table with a bundle of chips and 20000 didnt look so good, managed to pick up the blinds once a round and the won a nice pot preflop when button raised to 3500 (playing 11000), button called, and I moved in from the BB with 108. They both dwelled but ended up passing and up to 28000 with one level to go before end of play and 32 players left. Blinds went to 1000/2000 with average at 40000ish, I had 28000 and really wanted a good last level to come back with, or to get home that night, anyway, first hand of the level, cutoff raises, to 6000, and I look down at AK, whack it all in, only to find the BB with Aces so that was that.
So, this was a little disappointing as made it fairly deep and was playing for about 7 hours, but fairly happy with the play and couldnt really do alot about the exits in both tournaments.
I did win about £500 in the £3/£3 dealers choice cash game over the 3 days so broke even on the trip, and overall, was about as good a weekend as can be expected from Luton.

Good Luck all.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Funny TV

I am heading out to play tonight, and have had few reasonable nights online, so I will update tomorrow, but heres a link which I found rather amusing:


Japenese TV looks so much fun (Takeshi's castle etc)


Saturday, 28 July 2007

Winning, but not from tournaments.

Well, as title suggests, my last two visits have been profitable but not in the tournaments, wednesday I played and was going ok without having a rebuy, the few hands back after the break, I have 4575, blinds at 50/100, and when I have odd number of chips, for some reason, I always bet them (something mentally I dont like about it) so I make it 275 to play with Kd7d, button, SB and BB calls, flop comes Qd 7c 4d, checked to me, I bet 900, button goes all in for 3500, I call and he has AQ and no help for me. Then I chuck my last 700 in and called by AJ and Ace high wins lol. So, a stupid way to go out, but we had a good chance of getting to 9k and chip leader, so may not of been all that stupid if I hit. Ended up playing dealers choice cash game, cant really remember any hands apart from a hold'em hand (which JPJ wants me to mention, as he thinks I got lucky) There a usual raise to £3, JPJ and I call from the blinds (I have J2), flop comes J 5 2 all hearts, both check, raiser bets £10, both call, turn 2, JPJ checks, I bet £15, raiser calls, J folds, river 8h, I check, he bets £20, I raise £50 more but he passed showing KJ (no heart) Then Jason showed J5 and for some reason thinks I was lucky as if I was gonna whack the lot in if a complete brick falls on the turn (I sure wasnt trapping on the flop) =). In fact, I think he passes anyway if brick comes and theres action :). Anyway, ended up winning nearly £300 in the cash and got £140 from winner of tournament (20% share).

Thursday, ended up sleeping most of the day, but did get out and play pool for couple hours, before getting home and falling asleep during a MTT online.

Yesterday, Played a £50 with one rebuy or add-on allowed, within first hour I flopped 2 pair twice, first time lost to a turned 2 pair, and second time lost to a turned straight, that left me with 1200 which wene in on a J 10 9 2 board and some donkey had 22 =). So have my top-up and get moved tables, and struggling but when blinds go to 100/200, I pick up a few pots and then make it 600 to play with 4h 5h, both blinds calls, flop comes Ah 3h As, SB bets 1000, BB calls, I shove another 2400, SB passes (66) BB calls with Kh2h, oops :(. Turns a blank and river 5s :). I then win another hand with JJ against 99 and that puts me on about 10k which I stay at all the way to the final when I double with AK against KJ, flop come QJ2, but hit a 10 on the turn. Then another stupid play which I make, to go out 8th for £100. I'm in cutoff and everyone folds to me, I'm about to pass my Jd6d but theres an arguement between the blinds so I feel I can pick it up, make it 4600 (blinds 800/1600), button calls lol, flop comes 8d9c5d, I check he bets 6000, I move all in 12000 more and he calls with 7c8c and no help. Again my 20% share gets a 3 way deal so I pick up £100 from him and I ended up playing £5/£10/£20 Kalooki which was up and down all the way and then we were back even after 5 games so doubled the stakes for the last game and I ended up winning £80 there :).

No play tonight, golf match tomorrow night, but hopefully play Monday night the couple days off before week of Poker in Luton.

Good Luck all.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Quiet week

Well since a couple of small results online tuesday, I have only played once live, a £30 with a rebuy and add-on allowed, not much exciting happened at all. I did get to around 12k, above average but not alot went right and I ended up going out with 10's against KJ. I have played a bit online, couple of tournies but no results, was going well in a couple but blew off big stacks in some stupid fashion. But have been playing a bit more cash, and showing small profit but wasnt helped last night, when tiltied off a further $600 after losing a $700 pot with AA vs 99 all in pre.
Here are a couple of he bigger pots which I have won:

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to fishpoo86 [2h Ah]
upquark: raises to $17
forthewin: folds
iron1: folds
mremania: calls $17
fishpoo86: calls $15
loibedo: folds
loibedo sits out
----- FLOP ----- [7s 2d 2s]
fishpoo86: checks
upquark: bets $37
mremania: raises to $125
fishpoo86: raises to $310 and is all-in
loibedo sits back
upquark: is all-in $232.20
mremania: folds
Returned uncalled bets $40.80 to fishpoo86
----- TURN ----- [7s 2d 2s][Qd]
----- RIVER ----- [7s 2d 2s Qd][6c]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
fishpoo86: shows [2h Ah] (Three of a kind, Twos, Ace high)
upquark: shows [Kd Ks] (Two Pairs, Kings and Twos, Queen high)
fishpoo86 collected $716.40 from Main pot

---- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to fishpoo86 [Qc Qh]
bwd27: folds
Blu_Blood: folds
fishpoo86: raises to $15
stuga: calls $13
CPC06: folds
----- FLOP ----- [4c 9h 3s]
stuga: checks
fishpoo86: bets $25
stuga: raises to $50
fishpoo86: calls $25
----- TURN ----- [4c 9h 3s][7d]
stuga: checks
fishpoo86: bets $80
stuga: raises to $160
fishpoo86: is all-in $45.55
Returned uncalled bets $34.45 to stuga
----- RIVER ----- [4c 9h 3s 7d][Kc]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
stuga: shows [9d Jh] (A Pair of Nines, King high)
fishpoo86: shows [Qc Qh] (A Pair of Queens, King high)
fishpoo86 collected $383.1

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to fishpoo86 [Kh Kd]
MrWall: folds
DontPanic: raises to $20
fishpoo86: calls $20
keks: calls $20
cognacxo: folds
kick_nutz: folds
----- FLOP ----- [4h Qs Ts]
DontPanic: checks
fishpoo86: checks
keks: bets $30
DontPanic: folds
fishpoo86: raises to $110
keks: raises to $236 and is all-in
fishpoo86: is all-in $70.60
Returned uncalled bets $55.40 to keks
----- TURN ----- [4h Qs Ts][As]
----- RIVER ----- [4h Qs Ts As][7h]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
keks: shows [9h 8s] (High Card Ace)
fishpoo86: shows [Kh Kd] (A Pair of Kings, Ace high)
fishpoo86 collected $425.20 from Main pot

I have just lost a smallish pot whilst typing, to be fair I played the hand like an idiot but still, the money went in as favourite and was quite busy doing few things at once:

---- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to fishpoo86 [7s Ts]
kick_nutz: folds
MrWall: folds
DontPanic: folds
fishpoo86: calls $5
margojoha: folds
cognacxo: checks
----- FLOP ----- [6c 4s 8s]
cognacxo: bets $15
fishpoo86: raises to $275
cognacxo: is all-in $121.50
Returned uncalled bets $138.50 to fishpoo86
----- TURN ----- [6c 4s 8s][Kc]
----- RIVER ----- [6c 4s 8s Kc][8c]
-- SHOW DOWN -----
fishpoo86: shows [7s Ts] (A Pair of Eights, King high)
cognacxo: shows [Ad 8d] (Three of a kind, Eights, Ace high)
cognacxo collected $282 from Main pot.

So a few hand histories to bore you with, but I will start posting a few more interesting ones soon, and hopefully a good live tournament to report back tommorrow, don't usually play mondays but is a £20 rebuy with 1000 starting stack (rather than usual 500) which makes it quite a good tournament. Usually play sundays but have been playing golf and surprisingly, playing quite good :)

Good Luck all.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Quick update

Last night, I deposit online into sun poker as really didnt have much better to do and signed into the $5k guaranteed. I ended up coming 4th for about $400 which again was a bit disappointing when down to 4 left, but I was down to 145 chips during the first level so can't really complain. Couple hands of note, first was with 9 left, chip leader in UTG+1 makes it 4800 to play (800/1600), I have AK and make it 16000 (playing 30000), he puts me all in, and I call he has Jacks and I end up making the wheel when board comes 10 5 3 4 2 :D, I end up going out when push for 40k with 44 and BB calls with A6 and hits the 6. The other interesting hand came up with about 30 players and I had quite healthy stack and picked up Queens, and passed on a safe looking flop which was, fortuanately the right pass and kept me going strong:

Seat 1: Fugger (9205 in chips)
Seat 4: fishpoo86 (13235 in chips)
Seat 10: BramBoy07 (10450 in chips)
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to fishpoo86 [Qh Qc]
Sounjust: folds
BramBoy07: calls 300
Fugger: raises to 900
Basty_: folds
Fredde123: folds
fishpoo86: calls 900
Denizo1: folds
Mia_CranK: folds
Eagle1810: folds
Rowicki: folds
BramBoy07: calls 600
----- FLOP ----- [Js 5d 6d]
BramBoy07: checks
Fugger: bets 1800
fishpoo86: folds
BramBoy07: calls 1800
----- TURN ----- [Js 5d 6d][5c]
BramBoy07: checks
Fugger: bets 3000
BramBoy07: calls 3000
----- RIVER ----- [Js 5d 6d 5c][2c]
BramBoy07: checks
Fugger: bets 3505 and is all-in
BramBoy07: calls 3505
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Fugger: shows [Ah As] (Two Pairs, Aces and Fives, Jack high)
BramBoy07: shows [Th Jh] (Two Pairs, Jacks and Fives, Ten high)
Fugger collected 19760 from Main pot.

Tonight, I'm just about to hop on treadmill for 30 minutes before playing a bit online, no live tournament until friday as am golfing wednesday and thursday.

Good Luck all.

Just played the £1500 guaranteed and busted 4th again, looks like its going going to be that way for a little while, make it deep but just not deep enough :( Paid £200.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Another final, but disappointing result.

Last night, I play the £10 rebuy pot limit, get to the casino couple hours early as usually small cash game going, sat in and ended up with small profit, although should of been a decent cash, but got slowrolled again and went on tilt lol. The game was (6 card omaha)0.5/0.5, I make it £2 to play as I do most hands, all call, flop comes A 9 4, I bet £4, player raises about £20 more, I have AAxxxx, put him all in for a bit more, turn comes 7 river a 2, anyway I show AA and he shows A9 then slowly one card at a time, turns a 8, then a 3, then a 2, then finally a 5. So yeah thanks for that slowroll, it's really isn't about the money but why do some people do it?
Onto the tournament and get quite a decent table with 2 newbies who I soon find out to be numpties :D. First notable pot I win is a funny one, I'm BB, UTG makes it 100 to play, everyone calls, I look at Q7 so think, yeah why not stick the lot in, another 500. I seriously thought I could win the pot with the bet, but it goes call, call, call, call, call, call. Flop comes J 8 4, two other players go all in and on there backs, someones got AJ everyone else got junk and turn blank rivers a Queen for about a 3000 lol. Next pot I get involved in, I call a 100 raise from UTG with 10J, flop comes 9d Jd Qc, UTG bets 200, I call, and 1 other call. Turn brings a Jack, UTG checks, I bet 400 (enough to put other two all in) both call and river is Ad, UTG wins with 6d 3d, lose that 1600 pot.
I then call a raise with Qd9d and couple other callers flop comes 2d5d6d, numpty bets 200, donkey makes it 400 all in, I call 400, numpty calls. Turn 10c, numpty bets 200, I make it 900, numpty calls, River is Ad, and he bangs the table and cheers with delight, I jokingly say 'well you cant bet after that kafuffle' check, check (I only have 400 left) he shows 3s3d and thinks its a chop as we both have the Ace Flush. I then lose another 2000 pot when all in pre with AJ against KJ and flop comes A Q 10, but have an add on and have 3500 at the break for just £20.
After the break I win few pots and get to about 8000 without showing, then find Queens and get someone to pay me on a 2 6 9 flop with KQ, no King and I'm up to 12000, Blinds go up to 400/800 when I make it 2400 with QJ, Button moves all in but only for another 200 so call and he has KK, and I get lucky when board comes K 9 8 3 10 :D. I then lose a pot when played hand badly on button and then make final with 9000, blinds 600/1200 :(.
On the final I win couple of pots early on, and then win this nice pot, (against another numpty) I just call on his BB with AJ (800/1600), he makes his standard min raise from BB, I just call, Flop comes A J 6, he bets 2400, I just call, turn a 2, he checks I bet 2500, he wants to raise but makes usual numpty mistake of saying 'call, and raise you'. River comes a safe 7 and he bets 4000, I go all in for about 4000 more and he calls with A8, up to 35k. Then not alot happens with, myself, numpty and another player (3 bigges stacks) just messing about and getting down 3 handed, when I start getting low and couldnt find a hand. For some reason, I seem to of forgotten how to play aggressive short handed and end up going out when I raise on button with Qs6s and BB finds Aces, flop looks good with 2 spades but no more and out in 3rd for £270. Very disappointing as 2nd was £540 and 1st was nearly £1100, but nevermind, couple final tables last two visits and hopefully can pick up a bit of form for Luton in couple weeks time :).

Good Luck all.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Cashed!!! well broke even :)

So played sunday which I wrote about, I did end up playing wednesday although really shouldnt of bothered, wasnt up for it and turn up and its a satelitte to a festival in Leeds, well what use is that?? but there were 24 who didnt want to play satelitte and agreed a £50 freezeout to which I played but busted early just to get out and have a game of pool lol. Then went and played tennis thursday for the first time in about 8 years, and again, what a bad idea, I'm still aching now :(, but managed to win after losing the first set 6-0 and 3-0 down in the second, I ended up winning 3-2, the final scoreboard read 0-6, 5-7, 6-1, 6-0, 6-0 :D. Also I had a game of golf aswell which was much needed as am playing 3 competitions next week, one being The Torquay Pro-am which should be fun.
So last night, was a £25 with 1 rebuy and an add-on, so £75 total, turnout was bad and only ended up taking about £2000. I got off to the usual start, win couple pots early on, then lose one when raise to 150 with Ah7h (2500 starting chips) one caller, flop comes Js 10s 2c, he checks I bet 400, he calls, turn 7s, check check, river is the 9s, he checks, I bet 600 and he thinks and calls with Ad8d. So down to about 1500 chips and fw limpers, I limp with K10, flop comes 4 4 10, checked to me I bet 200, one caller (from bb). Turn brings a queen, he bets 300, I call and river is a 2 and he puts me all in, anyway I make a tilty call, expecting to see either the 4 or absolute junk. But he has neither, he has Q5. Re-buy, then have 6c9c and its 3 way, flop comes 7 7 8, checked round, turn is a 9 and I bet 200, one caller, river is a Jack, check check and have a little giggle when he flips up J2. Then I get the comment from him ' well its only 200 and I can hit a 10 or Jack' well done sir =). I'm beginning to get the impression I have some sort of donkey image (which may well be true) but them 2 flop calls and turn calls are just crazy.
Then couple hands later, I win the biggest pot possible to win with Jack high lol, blinds 50/100, I'm in SB, couple limpers I make it up with Jd5d and flop comes 2d3d4c, I check, last player bets 400, I make it 1600, he thinks and puts me all in for about another 500, I call and it comes Kc 2s and win with Jack high (he had 6d7d). End up, having the add-on and having 8500 which is a nice stack, I quickly get up to about 11000 without showing a hand, then it dries up, the next raise I make from the cutoff with 8s9s, gets reraised by the button, I pass and he showed Queens. Stay around the 8000 all the way to the final just by picking up blinds once a round, but blinds are 500/1000 so not in great shape, however I do manage to out last a mate who goes out 10th which was worth £150 (last longest bet), I double up with 4s against Jacks but go out couple hands later when shove 12000 all in dark UTG as I didnt like the blinds jumping from 1000/2000 to 2000/4000, with my BB next. The raise gets through to the BB who calls 10000 more with QJ, board ends up reading 5 10 A 9 10, and I then look to find 6 7. 9th collects £75.

Down to last 100ish in the WSOP Main Event, with still a few decent names in, Good luck to Deejay who I think is about average stacked, and I'd quite like to see Gus and Julian Gardner go very deep, so we'll see what happens tonight.

Good Luck all.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Running bad, Playing bad!

Last night, I decided to play the usual £10 pot limit rebuy, not enjoying them as much as I used to but will say more abot my plans in a bit, Ill just bore you with the usual hands of the tournament first. Well, first hand I play, I find Kings on the button and a player raises and it all goes in preflop, he has JJ and flop comes J23 but turn is Q and river a K to double up lol, not that doubling up is important in these touraments when you start with 500, all you really need is to grind up to around 2500 at the break is fine. (I'd be more than happy to turn up to these tournaments at the break and pay £50 for 2500 chips) These chips dont last long and buy a couple of rebuys and end up winning a couple hands late on to have 2700 at the break. A couple of interesting hands came up early tho, not involving me, but 1) player raises, BB calls, flop comes 8h8c6s, BB check calls small bet then pushes when Qh comes on turn, player calls and shows 88 and BB shows 9h10h and I'll let you guess the river :), and the other hand, not to exciting but just to show that things happen live as well as online, couple players are all in pre with 77 and 22, and the board comes A 2 7 6 and again, I'll let you guess the river :).
So anyway, after the break I get moved tables and come in on the button, (there is a new player with all the chips and I'm informed that he bets the pot everytime) I limp with Js9s, SB folds and BB (maniac) raises pot, 500 more, I call, flop comes 24J, he bets 1500, I'm all in for 2100 and he calls with 2s4s, adios amigo. This maniac, went on to win the tournament and was on a sick run of cards, reminded me of Jamie Gold, and talked like him too. Now I have nothing against arrogant people and believe a bit of arrogance is needed to become top of any kind of sporting profession, however, when your a complete fool, who has no idea then how and why are some people so arrogant. He was hitting card and when not hitting cards, hitting flops, just sick and the last two hands which he won the tournament with was his 5 3 against 10 5, and then his K7 against A7 when he hit every king left.
Enough moaning, so after I played bit of cash and didnt go so well, was quite a lively game but didnt hit much and then kept losing, had the straight, river pairs the board (omaha), King Flush into nut flush (hold'em) and so on, but the most annoying thing apart from when I had the best hand, I got rivered, and when I had the worst hand, I got slowrolled. Quite possibly the worst thing what occurs in live poker.
Anyway, to finish off, I mentioned about my plans, well hopefully I'm going to try and cut down the amount I play live (well until they get cash games running 24/7 somewhere near me) as its hard work with travelling and work in between, and for the last 3 years I've probably been averaging 4 hours sleep a night and I think its taking its toll. So from now on, the plan is to play the £20 rebuys and the £50/£100 freezeouts once a week, try and play a bit more online, well just a bit more seriously rather than just playing more. Also try and get abit more physically fit, and eat healthier as the lifestyle over last few years cannot be good for anyone. I'm booked up for the festival in Luton (Beginning of August at the new G Casino) and I'm gonna make sure I'm in good shape and actually want to be playing when I sit down to play.

Good Luck all

P.S, Hells bells (AC/DC tribute band) were fantastic saturday night, well recommended if anyone see's them playing near them.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Friday night Freezeout

So, last night was a new competition for the local cardroom, it was a £50 freezeout, which is ok (well ideal as with the usual 45 players, the prizemoney works out roughly what they would take on a £10 rebuy, of which I like to contribute a few more rebuys than £50, so I guess you could say its better value for me.) But, being honest, Playing freezeouts with half decent starting stacks, I'd rather be playing a little bigger than £50. So anyway, I get there and register feeling quite good and with an idea to get raising and try to build a stack early, doesnt matter if I bust out, but get drawn on a very tight table with one very good aggressive player on my left, not ideal.
So playing quite loose, we built up a little then pick up JJ in a 4 way limped pot in the SB, I just check (blinds 25/25), and we see a flop, Js 10h 9h, I bet 100 and gets one caller, turn brings the 2s, I bet 200 and this gets raised 400 more, of which I think about reraising but decide best play here is to just call, river brings the 3s and check check, he shows A8o and I win. Next hand I play, there is a couple limpers and I limp on the button with 5s 9s, flop comes 6 7 10 rainbow and it is checked to me, I bet 150, SB calls BB calls, as does one of the limpers. Turn brings a 5, and gets checked to me, I check behind, as the river brings another 5, and the BB bets out 400, I think about it and know he hasnt got the straight and tell him the only hands I can beat what he could have are 45 and 58. I call and he shows A5 and I jokingly say nice call on flop, and he said well I figured you were betting position. LOL, the fool is clueless, doesn't know the meaning of position, what about the other three players in the pot. So I muck and then he declares that he wants to see my hand, lol as I show him I say well done and 'you know its bad etiquette to ask to see a losing hand', anyway, enough of that.
Blinds go to 50/100 and I have AhQh UTG and make it 300 to play, both blinds call. Flop comes Jd 2c 3c, BB bets 400, I call and SB passes, Turn is the 4c, he checks I bet 1200 and win the pot, he showed 66 and I said nice pass =-). I then Pick up AA and win very small pot then lose a few when make it 600 to play UTG with AK (blinds 100/200), gets raised another 1200 from SB, I just call, (not sure if I like the call but running cold and maybe playing bad), anyway miss the flop he leads and I pass leaving 4400 at the break, from 5000 start. Disasterous.
After the break it continues to be bad and with the blinds at 200/400, I make it 1600 to play from cutoff, and button moves all in, I have a look and call my remainding 2000 with 73o, he had 10's and although a good start I was drawing dead on the river when it come 3 A A A.
So that was that, and really gonna get back on track soon, I ended up playing a bit of heads up cash and showing a small profit and had 20% of mate who got 3rd for a couple quid.
Tonight I'm off to Glastonbury to watch Hells Bells, an AC/DC tribute band, and then will be playing either tomorrow or monday night tournament.

Good Luck all.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Wednesday 4th July

Tonight was again a £10 rebuy, but no limt holdem, and I turn up at the casino and feel terrible, headache comes on, so decide to just sit tight and play limited hands and hope to get couple double ups on a very loose table, the first one comes after about 15 mins when its 100 to play and the standard 4 callers, so I stick 450 all in and is called by 3 players, I have KsJs, opponents, A10o, QdJd, and K4o, and flop brings a Jack and i get to around 2000. Again sit tight and played another hand with 6s7s and make flush for a small pot and pick up another pot late on to have 3500 at end of rebuys. (Doesn't sound alot but is an ok stack to have at the break-starting stack is 500 in these rebuy tournaments which I forgot to mention).
So after the break start playing and just staying around that mark when I make a raise 'in the dark' (I play alot of these tournaments without looking as these tournaments are more about position and timing, I obviously pretnd to look as it would be foolish to raise and announce that I haven't looked lol), so I raise to 600, blinds 100/200, and its folded to SB who calls and BB moves all in. Bad timing, anyway I look at J3 and pass, the BB was the rock I talked about in the last post who once again showed he doesnt have a move in him, as he showed AA. So next notable hand I have, blinds go to 300/600 and UTG+1 (loose aggressive player) makes it 1600 to play, I look down at AK and while thinking he announces that he is calling if I raise and that I need one of 2 hands. I believed him and decided that a double up was needed and i would of been happy for him to call and have Queens and take my chances. But he called and showed AK and we chopped the pot. I have 3900 when get moved and down to 12 players, get moved to terrible table with 3 big stacks, but I was planning on moving all in alot pre as I needed to build a stack, but find QQ on the first hand I'm dealt in. This is quite a strange hand and unfortuanately my exit hand, I make it 1800 to play, chip leader on my left calls, anothe rbig stack on the small blinds raises 2000 more and the big blind moves all in for another 8000, I'm not overly keen on my hand now but must call for my remaining 2100, and the other 2 players fold. He shows Jacks and I'm in good shape for the near 14000 pot, but the Jack flops and I'm out.
So this month so far KK lost to KQ and QQ lost to JJ but nevermind, after the tournament I went and played 9 ball pool with a mate for £10 a rack (he is slightly better than me but I have been playing good lately) He takes a 4-1 lead, then I start to play well and clear from the break 3 times and win couple more to go 8-4 in front, then he gets back to 8-7 and I win the last 3 to win £40 before getting kicked out as they were closing.

Good Luck all.

Sunday 1st July

So first tournament of the month and it is a £10 rebuy pot limit, as I stated in the introduction that I have decided to start the blog today (4 days after) so this is going to be short with just a couple hands I recall. I have a couple of rebuys and have 2200 chips when TD announces 3 hands left, blinds 25/50 UTG player makes it 200, this is called and I look at KK and make it 800 to play, UTG moves all in (has me covered), anyway I call and he had AK and I hold to get to 4675. After the break, I dont pick up much and stay around the 5000 mark until blinds 200/400, when I make a raise to 1200 with AJ, but have to pass to a reraise from the blinds (very tight player with not a move in him) he showed QQ lol.
So pick up the blinds once and then my exit hand when down to 17 players. There is an EP limper and I make it 2100 to play with KK on the button, blinds fold and limper calls, I have 2200 left. Flop comes Q Q 9, not the best but he checks and have to punch in the last 2200. Anyway he calls and shows KQ and its goodnight.
Hands like this are generally the deciding factors as in the smaller rebuy tournaments, as you do not have the chance to fold when the blinds get bigger as the average stack tends to sit around 8 big blinds.


Hello all, right so I have been playing poker for a couple years now and have done ok, but after seeing alot of people writing blogs, I've decided it may be time to try myself as it might be the motivation needed to get back to winning ways. I will show running monthly profit/losses but will only include live tournament results. I obviously play cash games and a little online and will post exciting hands or good or bad sessions but not include on the finance totals on here. The reason I am starting is also due to the poker world growing, but so many players play online only, and 'live' poker is so much more real and should be played and enjoyed by all.
Good luck to all in July and hopefully we can have a profitable one. I am not expecting to show every month as a winning one as obviously tournaments show great varience.
Apologies about the first two tournament entries as played sunday and wednesday and only decided to start blog today.