Monday, 16 July 2007

Another final, but disappointing result.

Last night, I play the £10 rebuy pot limit, get to the casino couple hours early as usually small cash game going, sat in and ended up with small profit, although should of been a decent cash, but got slowrolled again and went on tilt lol. The game was (6 card omaha)0.5/0.5, I make it £2 to play as I do most hands, all call, flop comes A 9 4, I bet £4, player raises about £20 more, I have AAxxxx, put him all in for a bit more, turn comes 7 river a 2, anyway I show AA and he shows A9 then slowly one card at a time, turns a 8, then a 3, then a 2, then finally a 5. So yeah thanks for that slowroll, it's really isn't about the money but why do some people do it?
Onto the tournament and get quite a decent table with 2 newbies who I soon find out to be numpties :D. First notable pot I win is a funny one, I'm BB, UTG makes it 100 to play, everyone calls, I look at Q7 so think, yeah why not stick the lot in, another 500. I seriously thought I could win the pot with the bet, but it goes call, call, call, call, call, call. Flop comes J 8 4, two other players go all in and on there backs, someones got AJ everyone else got junk and turn blank rivers a Queen for about a 3000 lol. Next pot I get involved in, I call a 100 raise from UTG with 10J, flop comes 9d Jd Qc, UTG bets 200, I call, and 1 other call. Turn brings a Jack, UTG checks, I bet 400 (enough to put other two all in) both call and river is Ad, UTG wins with 6d 3d, lose that 1600 pot.
I then call a raise with Qd9d and couple other callers flop comes 2d5d6d, numpty bets 200, donkey makes it 400 all in, I call 400, numpty calls. Turn 10c, numpty bets 200, I make it 900, numpty calls, River is Ad, and he bangs the table and cheers with delight, I jokingly say 'well you cant bet after that kafuffle' check, check (I only have 400 left) he shows 3s3d and thinks its a chop as we both have the Ace Flush. I then lose another 2000 pot when all in pre with AJ against KJ and flop comes A Q 10, but have an add on and have 3500 at the break for just £20.
After the break I win few pots and get to about 8000 without showing, then find Queens and get someone to pay me on a 2 6 9 flop with KQ, no King and I'm up to 12000, Blinds go up to 400/800 when I make it 2400 with QJ, Button moves all in but only for another 200 so call and he has KK, and I get lucky when board comes K 9 8 3 10 :D. I then lose a pot when played hand badly on button and then make final with 9000, blinds 600/1200 :(.
On the final I win couple of pots early on, and then win this nice pot, (against another numpty) I just call on his BB with AJ (800/1600), he makes his standard min raise from BB, I just call, Flop comes A J 6, he bets 2400, I just call, turn a 2, he checks I bet 2500, he wants to raise but makes usual numpty mistake of saying 'call, and raise you'. River comes a safe 7 and he bets 4000, I go all in for about 4000 more and he calls with A8, up to 35k. Then not alot happens with, myself, numpty and another player (3 bigges stacks) just messing about and getting down 3 handed, when I start getting low and couldnt find a hand. For some reason, I seem to of forgotten how to play aggressive short handed and end up going out when I raise on button with Qs6s and BB finds Aces, flop looks good with 2 spades but no more and out in 3rd for £270. Very disappointing as 2nd was £540 and 1st was nearly £1100, but nevermind, couple final tables last two visits and hopefully can pick up a bit of form for Luton in couple weeks time :).

Good Luck all.

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