Saturday, 14 July 2007

Cashed!!! well broke even :)

So played sunday which I wrote about, I did end up playing wednesday although really shouldnt of bothered, wasnt up for it and turn up and its a satelitte to a festival in Leeds, well what use is that?? but there were 24 who didnt want to play satelitte and agreed a £50 freezeout to which I played but busted early just to get out and have a game of pool lol. Then went and played tennis thursday for the first time in about 8 years, and again, what a bad idea, I'm still aching now :(, but managed to win after losing the first set 6-0 and 3-0 down in the second, I ended up winning 3-2, the final scoreboard read 0-6, 5-7, 6-1, 6-0, 6-0 :D. Also I had a game of golf aswell which was much needed as am playing 3 competitions next week, one being The Torquay Pro-am which should be fun.
So last night, was a £25 with 1 rebuy and an add-on, so £75 total, turnout was bad and only ended up taking about £2000. I got off to the usual start, win couple pots early on, then lose one when raise to 150 with Ah7h (2500 starting chips) one caller, flop comes Js 10s 2c, he checks I bet 400, he calls, turn 7s, check check, river is the 9s, he checks, I bet 600 and he thinks and calls with Ad8d. So down to about 1500 chips and fw limpers, I limp with K10, flop comes 4 4 10, checked to me I bet 200, one caller (from bb). Turn brings a queen, he bets 300, I call and river is a 2 and he puts me all in, anyway I make a tilty call, expecting to see either the 4 or absolute junk. But he has neither, he has Q5. Re-buy, then have 6c9c and its 3 way, flop comes 7 7 8, checked round, turn is a 9 and I bet 200, one caller, river is a Jack, check check and have a little giggle when he flips up J2. Then I get the comment from him ' well its only 200 and I can hit a 10 or Jack' well done sir =). I'm beginning to get the impression I have some sort of donkey image (which may well be true) but them 2 flop calls and turn calls are just crazy.
Then couple hands later, I win the biggest pot possible to win with Jack high lol, blinds 50/100, I'm in SB, couple limpers I make it up with Jd5d and flop comes 2d3d4c, I check, last player bets 400, I make it 1600, he thinks and puts me all in for about another 500, I call and it comes Kc 2s and win with Jack high (he had 6d7d). End up, having the add-on and having 8500 which is a nice stack, I quickly get up to about 11000 without showing a hand, then it dries up, the next raise I make from the cutoff with 8s9s, gets reraised by the button, I pass and he showed Queens. Stay around the 8000 all the way to the final just by picking up blinds once a round, but blinds are 500/1000 so not in great shape, however I do manage to out last a mate who goes out 10th which was worth £150 (last longest bet), I double up with 4s against Jacks but go out couple hands later when shove 12000 all in dark UTG as I didnt like the blinds jumping from 1000/2000 to 2000/4000, with my BB next. The raise gets through to the BB who calls 10000 more with QJ, board ends up reading 5 10 A 9 10, and I then look to find 6 7. 9th collects £75.

Down to last 100ish in the WSOP Main Event, with still a few decent names in, Good luck to Deejay who I think is about average stacked, and I'd quite like to see Gus and Julian Gardner go very deep, so we'll see what happens tonight.

Good Luck all.


Anonymous said...

Oh, just mention the last the longest that you win ;)

Good write up my son.


Fishpoo said...

Alright I lost a tenner to you, and the last 67 comps, I can't help it if your a luckbox :D

Anonymous said...

Well played tonihgt, ul in the end.

And you won the LTL :)