Saturday, 7 July 2007

Friday night Freezeout

So, last night was a new competition for the local cardroom, it was a £50 freezeout, which is ok (well ideal as with the usual 45 players, the prizemoney works out roughly what they would take on a £10 rebuy, of which I like to contribute a few more rebuys than £50, so I guess you could say its better value for me.) But, being honest, Playing freezeouts with half decent starting stacks, I'd rather be playing a little bigger than £50. So anyway, I get there and register feeling quite good and with an idea to get raising and try to build a stack early, doesnt matter if I bust out, but get drawn on a very tight table with one very good aggressive player on my left, not ideal.
So playing quite loose, we built up a little then pick up JJ in a 4 way limped pot in the SB, I just check (blinds 25/25), and we see a flop, Js 10h 9h, I bet 100 and gets one caller, turn brings the 2s, I bet 200 and this gets raised 400 more, of which I think about reraising but decide best play here is to just call, river brings the 3s and check check, he shows A8o and I win. Next hand I play, there is a couple limpers and I limp on the button with 5s 9s, flop comes 6 7 10 rainbow and it is checked to me, I bet 150, SB calls BB calls, as does one of the limpers. Turn brings a 5, and gets checked to me, I check behind, as the river brings another 5, and the BB bets out 400, I think about it and know he hasnt got the straight and tell him the only hands I can beat what he could have are 45 and 58. I call and he shows A5 and I jokingly say nice call on flop, and he said well I figured you were betting position. LOL, the fool is clueless, doesn't know the meaning of position, what about the other three players in the pot. So I muck and then he declares that he wants to see my hand, lol as I show him I say well done and 'you know its bad etiquette to ask to see a losing hand', anyway, enough of that.
Blinds go to 50/100 and I have AhQh UTG and make it 300 to play, both blinds call. Flop comes Jd 2c 3c, BB bets 400, I call and SB passes, Turn is the 4c, he checks I bet 1200 and win the pot, he showed 66 and I said nice pass =-). I then Pick up AA and win very small pot then lose a few when make it 600 to play UTG with AK (blinds 100/200), gets raised another 1200 from SB, I just call, (not sure if I like the call but running cold and maybe playing bad), anyway miss the flop he leads and I pass leaving 4400 at the break, from 5000 start. Disasterous.
After the break it continues to be bad and with the blinds at 200/400, I make it 1600 to play from cutoff, and button moves all in, I have a look and call my remainding 2000 with 73o, he had 10's and although a good start I was drawing dead on the river when it come 3 A A A.
So that was that, and really gonna get back on track soon, I ended up playing a bit of heads up cash and showing a small profit and had 20% of mate who got 3rd for a couple quid.
Tonight I'm off to Glastonbury to watch Hells Bells, an AC/DC tribute band, and then will be playing either tomorrow or monday night tournament.

Good Luck all.

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