Wednesday, 15 August 2007

No more Limit poker

Well, I'll explain the title in a minute, but first a bit about friday and sunday, I played the tournaments but no good, didnt really want to play them, ans sunday I even stopped before end of rebuy's, which is the first time I think i've ever done it, but did want to watch the USPGA final round. Here's a hand from sundays tournament, I limp utg with 99, button makes it 200 (blinds 25/25),SB (JPJ) calls, I call.
Flop 9c 6h 3c, checked to button who moves all in, both call all in about 900 each.
JPJ - 33, bottom set
Me - 99, top set
Button - 44, um, nothing.
Turn Kc
River Ac, and yep, the 44 had the club to scoop.
Ended up playing cash, friday we played £1/£1 holdem only, and in the first hour, I picked up AA, AK, KK, QQ, and JJ and lost every hand. Raised to £6 with the aces, 4 callers, flop was something dangerous so i just gave up, same with AK, missed the flop. The QQ hand, there was early raise, I just called hoping for a raise behind but no, Ace on flop so that was that. The JJ, I made it £10 to go, got 3 callers, flop was 10 6 3, player before me bets £25, I pass lol, he had 63. The Kings, I managed to get past the flop, make it £7 to go, again load of callers, flop 4s6c7c, I bet £20, a player goes all in (only playing £30), he has 10c4c and turns a club. Anyway, after all this, Im only losing about £100 (lost another few small pots aswell, cant remember what had but probably in good shape when money went in) and we play dealers choice, I end up winning a pot towards the end in omaha with Ac4c on a KcQcJc flop, and it held up and ended winning about £50 on the night.
Sunday, as I said, finished tournament early to watch the golf and wait for the cash game, and we ended up playing 4 handed but was quite a loose game (playing multicard omaha). Again I started badly, on a flop of J53 rainbow, I check raise to £40, (I have A234567Jxx), turn is a 3, (bad card), check,check, I bet £20 in the dark (river) rivers a blank and oppo just calls the £20 and shows JJ. Then next hand I lose is for a pot of £220, when all money goes in on a flop of Qs Jh 7h, I have Ac Kh Qh Qc J 10 9 8 (plus few others) and oppo has Ah A K J 10 9 and others but no heart, just the bare Ace. Turn comes Ace (now both have nuts) River pairs the J so he wins lol.
Next hand I play, theres a raise to £4, then to £15, I bet £70 all in dark pre, gets called by both players and final board reads A 2 4 5 9 and I have 36 to scoop. The next hand after that, its dealt 4 card omaha and I have Ad Ah Qd Qh, I make it £4 more from the SB, all call, flop brings 3d 6d 9d, I bet £15, button raises to £40, I raise, he calls another £120 with Kd 4d 4c 10c. We're all having a laugh at the fact he has put in £160 with king flush, but its really not that bad a call, so anyway I jokingly tell him he can run it twice to try get lucky, the turn on the first run is a 4, but river misses. I end up winning couple other pots to end up winning £200.
So, about the title of this post, well, have been playing a fair bit online lately, and was winning a fair bit playing $3/$6, $5/$10 limit in July. Since start of August, its been killing me, luckily I have been playing all games and winning there, but figures for August:
STT - +$400 (£20/$30 turbos)
$1/$2 PLO - +$600
$1/$2 NLH - +$450
$2/$5 NLH - +$2700
$3/$6 FL - +$350
$10/$20 FL - +$600
$5/$10 FL - -$4600
I knew I wasnt doing great at $5/$10 but its not until I looked at it last night to see how bad it actually was, so for the rest of August, I'm gonna stick to the NLH.

Good Luck all.

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Anonymous said...

That hand where we both flopped a set was sick....but you had to laugh as we both knew what was coming :)

Good report.