Sunday, 19 August 2007

Couple results.

Just a very quick update as am just about to leave for tournament tonight. Made final on wednesday with a decent stack, but ended up 5th when shoved with AJ and SB had AK. Also played dealers choice cash game wednesday and ended up with small profit after being £400 down at one point losing couple big pots to 2/4 outers on the river, eg, £1/£1, raised to £4 all call (5 handed) flop comes 235 rainbow. I have 5 5 6 7, checked to button who bets £20, SB calls, I call, turn pairs the 2. SB bets £30, I make it £120, button folds, SB calls. River is a ace and he bets £50, I reluctantly calls and he shows AA23.
Friday night was a £50 with 1 re-buy or add-on, I turn up an hour late as was stuck playing online before hand and arrive to some moaning about being late, to which, I realy couldnt care, to be honest, the regulars are generally a good laugh and is always a good atmosphere to play, although they really do suck at poker. So I really dont want to upset anyone to much but on the other hand, why would I go out of my way just to shut them up. After turning up I still have 4700 of 5000 starting stack and double up getting lucky when making a bad read with 22 on a flop of 456. I raised the bettor (and pre raiser) to about 3200 all in and he had Kings, caught a three for the straight :) I then play most pots for the rest of rebuy period and lucky to end up with 6000 and add on to 11000. I win a nice pot to put me in good shape when blinds 400/800, I limp with 6s8s as does the button, SB makes up, BB checks. Flop comes Qs 7c 4h, checked to the button who bets 1600, and I call (why I dont know, as when I usually have a read in mind, like call the flop, raise the turn, I tend to bottle in and check pass turn anyway) turn is the jackpot 5s, I bet 2000, he raises 5000 more, I then all in for another 4500, he calls and his 74 doesnt fill up :).
So make the final with blinds at 800/1600, average stack is 24k and I have 30k, lose most of it then win a few uncontested to get back to about 28k, before losing a big pot, blinds at 2000/4000, still 10 handed, no-one was knocked out in 90 minutes play. Player before me moves all in for 14k, and I have AdKd, to which I move all in, all pass, and he has AJ and rivers the Jack. Blinds then go to 3000/6000 and just to illustrate how stupid the players are. I would not give anything off top prize for 9th and 10th as I never do, also wouldnt agree 10 way chop which was suggested at start. Anyway, as I say blinds go to 3000/6000and I'm UTG with 11000 after losing that above hand and JPJ is on BB with about 14000, and again the 10 way chop is suggested, of course I have to agree now blinds are this big but what the hell are the others thinking with me sat the cant even afford to let my BB go, carry on, bust me out and have a 9 way chop, fools. Anyway, this chop was worth £235, not a good return for £100 but after that hand, it was like finding £235 on the floor :).
Anyway, must go now, have just turned a $400 loss into a $100 win online whilst typing too so all is ok.

Good Luck all.

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Anonymous said...


I knew you enjoyed my deal making skills. Once the blinds had passed us we were fckd :)

Be lucky :)