Thursday, 9 August 2007

Luton festival

So, got back from Luton tuesday so thought I better update before I forget about it and give up the blog lol. Travelled up saturday, for the £100 freezeout, got to the casino about an hour before the tournament starts only to get told I cant get in with trainers, (well, they were hardly trainers what I was wearing, more like light blue coloured shoes) but anyway, had to get out and buy a pair and managed to get back in time. Tournament had 161 players, and on my starting table was Joe Grech, cant really say much happened all tournament, managed to stay till about 60 players left but never got above about 8000 chips and ended up going out when pushed with K10 and BB had AQ.
Sunday night was £150 Pot Limit, and starting table I have John Falconer to my right, got off to a good start won a nice pot with queens qnd had about 8000 at the break, managed to build a bit and suddenly, we were down to about 25 players and I had around 22000, Lose a few in blinds, then double up when button raised to 4800 (blinds 800/1600) called with QJ and flop come Q88, I check raised him all in, he called with A10 and I double to about 32000, end up making the money but go out 10th when make it 10000 UTG with AK, BB raises and I call for 18000 more and cant hit against Queens. 10th was money back lol, 9th was about £500 and the winner got around £6300, not to unhappy but could of been better.
Monday, the last night I was playing was a £200 with 1 rebuy or add-on, and again, on my starting table, Paul Jackson and Micky Wernick, (It seemed funny as there wasnt many recognisable players there but I managed to get drawn on there tables) but to be fair, its not like they play any better than the reasonable tournament player, however, a player I have been impressed with, played briefly on his table in this tournament , also played cash game with him, and was on starting table in Nottingham, was Julian Thew. Definately do not fancy him on my left in every tournament. Although I say there play isnt spectacular, they were all having a laugh and good fun to be on the table, especially Paul and Mickey, where they were more interested in having a game of chinese poker in the hotel when the casino closed. Anyway, he tournament was going well (183 players), 5000 starting stack with 45 minute levels, and was a very good structure. The tournament ended up taking over £66000, with about £22000 to the winner. I managed to get up to about 20000 quite early but then get moved to a very loose table with a bundle of chips and 20000 didnt look so good, managed to pick up the blinds once a round and the won a nice pot preflop when button raised to 3500 (playing 11000), button called, and I moved in from the BB with 108. They both dwelled but ended up passing and up to 28000 with one level to go before end of play and 32 players left. Blinds went to 1000/2000 with average at 40000ish, I had 28000 and really wanted a good last level to come back with, or to get home that night, anyway, first hand of the level, cutoff raises, to 6000, and I look down at AK, whack it all in, only to find the BB with Aces so that was that.
So, this was a little disappointing as made it fairly deep and was playing for about 7 hours, but fairly happy with the play and couldnt really do alot about the exits in both tournaments.
I did win about £500 in the £3/£3 dealers choice cash game over the 3 days so broke even on the trip, and overall, was about as good a weekend as can be expected from Luton.

Good Luck all.


Anonymous said...

Well done mate. Good show.

How did you enjoy my home town? It's great aint it ? :)


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